‘ Be captivated by the glorious Cuban Dancing ’


Whether you are on your own, part of a group or an entire school, Cuban Cultural Travel can organise the most incredible dance experience for you.

Cuba is renowned as the dance capital of the world, from traditional Afro Cuban folkloric dance to contemporary, ballet, casino and of course salsa. Through Cuban Cultural Travel you can study one type or a potpourri of many styles. Our dance teachers are all highly skilled graduates of Cuban dance schools and supplied to us through the Ministry of Culture. No matter if you are a beginner or very experienced, all lessons start at a level comfortable for you. Lessons can last a week or many months, can be mornings or two sessions a day, professional development or part of a holiday – it is up to you.

You may also want to mix and match lessons, partake in some Afro Cuban percussion, circus , art or language as well. We can organise any combination you desire.