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To really understand this amazing island you must first understand it’s culture. We offer opportunities to either observe or participate in Cuba’s wealth of cultural activities. Whether you are on a music or a dance tour, experiencing an immersive language course or honing your circus skills, Cuban Cultural Travel knows the best places to be, people to meet and experiences to be had.

Like many lovers of Cuba, you will explore world heritage sites, gorgeous tropical beaches and ride in classic cars, but we offer so much more. You will travel with like-minded people, discover  what really makes this island so unique and walk away with an experience like no other.

Cuban Cultural Travel specialises in opportunities for cultural immersion.  Our long-term relationship with the Ministry of Culture gives us access to many cultural events and experiences not available through other companies. See the best Cuba has to offer, meet the experts and discover why Cuba is the most vibrant destination on earth.

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havana international jazz festival

 US Citizens can now join our tours legally and recieve ACADEMIC CULTURAL VISAS. Contact us for details.

 Can’t see the right tour for you? If you have a small group let us organise  a bespoke itinerary to suit your needs and budget.

‘busy saving to go again’

We joined Antony Gullick and 10 others on the Havana Jazz Tour in December 2016 .  What an experience!!! With a knowledgeable local Guide and excellent driver who both added experience and “authenticity” to our trip, we travelled to a number of beautiful, classic cities and towns always surrounded by the music, history and culture that is essentially Cuba.  Antony’s years of experience in Cuba meant he had developed contacts in education, theatre and the music industry that provided us with unique access to people and places denied others.  And the Havana Jazz Festival exceeded all expectations.  We are busy saving up to go again!!

Ray & Anne Lanham

‘Wonderful experience’

“Taking time to sit and draw allowed me to see and experience Cuba in a way I never thought imaginable. My fellow travellers all encouraged my fledgling art efforts  and the mixture of art, culture and relaxation was just fantastic. This was a really wonderful experience.

 Susan Whitall



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